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Don Mac

SWITCH fungicide and blueberry pollination

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Hi Folks

I am looking for beekeepers who have pollinated blueberry crops and have had problems when the grower has used SWITCH fungicide.

If you have had this experience, you can contact me by email as below.

SWITCH fungicide is a mixture of two fungicides and it is recommended for application at 'full bloom' of the crop.

Factor 1; This would not be a problem if the bees were not in the crop at the same time.

Factor 2;  our research reveals that SWITCH fungicide contains a physical insecticide.

It works by damaging the cuticle of the bee and absorbs the lipids. Not great for any insect pollinating the flower of the blueberry.


I would therefore like to hear from beekeepers who have had problems pollinating blueberries and where the grower has used SWITCH fungicide.

Email macleod2@xtra.co.nz




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