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@yesbut, haven't you seen the latest tv ad with bees, you milk the venom VERY carefully  

I don't have a great sense of smell.  (That's not the same thing as saying that I don't smell good.)   But that cutting, sharp smell of lots of alarm pheromone in the air has always been sor

My boy is a couple of yrs into the bee sting  desensitisation program,  his doctor tells me the venom they use is imported from America... there was a shortage last year, due to wasp venom being sent instead of bee venom😳.  

 luckily didn’t effect us, but sheesh. 


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I remember a beekeeper saying something to me some years back that he sure enjoyed the money from selling venom, but said the collection was sheer hell.


It involved a thin latex (?) layer, with criss-crossed series of wires below.  Voltage to the wires, and the bees would stick their stinger into the latex.  Inject poison.  And hopefully withdraw to live another day.  But the alarm pheromones made the whole apiary a difficult place to be during the collection...

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Posted (edited)

The system I've read about is a metal plate that is periodically livened, they all sting that on reflex, the drops of venom then dry & are scraped off. That would be easy to arrange remotely at hive entrances...

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