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On 6/4/2020 at 12:45 PM, Rob's BP said:

Agree that propolis is a very complex product. From memory there are about 200 chemical components in Propolis, with more still undiscovered, and these components vary depending on plant source. 

wrt not routinely tested: Several companies market their propolis on it's flavonoid level and/or CAPE. Therefore each batch will be tested. Do the companies do this in-house?

Besides the active/beneficial compounds, propolis can contain contaminents, e.g. it used to contain lead from paint and fuel exhausts, perhaps contaminants get tested too?


Absolutely right, and I'd be willing to bet there's easily ten times more, or a hundred times more chemical components in propolis above what is already known.


Some of the flavonoid/CAPE testing is definitely done in-house by companies selling the stuff. I doubt they test for anything other than what they're required to test for, so there will be lots of untested contaminants flying under the radar. It's the pretty standard head-in-sand approach to testing though. Every industry is guilty of it, including honey, dairy, kiwifruit, wine, etc. When you look too closely, you will invariably find things someone doesn't like.

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