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Is it legal to import beeswax to New Zealand

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11 hours ago, olbe said:

Here's one , Trademe listing No 2646324947 , is this a legal importation of bees wax from China ???


And would be allowed entry based on a minimal risk profile:

  • presumably clean - will have been heated strained and likely bleached?
  • packaged in small units - not so likely to be made into foundation for instance?
  • relatively high value - indeed, as anyone who has sought to be such small beeswax blocks will tell you...
  • would not be highly attractive to honeybees if it were to be exposed - Maybe a mild interest, but not likely to be avidly foraged upon
  • would not provide significant risk when discarded, and again, as high value would not be likely to be discarded.

and so forth.  I have only briefly looked at the literature, but EFB in wax made into foundation may not even be a means of infecting a colony, and that's about as much risk as this sort of wax could create, I would think.


I learned to sort of accept this approach, but would always want to have equivalence for NZ beekeepers wanting to export, too.


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