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Maggie James

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I remember a few years ago sitting out side the Honey Shed  with my old  mate Arthur.  It was late march and we had just finished the extracting for the year. And as we sat in the late Autumn warmth supping on a cuppa he made the comment  ....' Gosh... I can't wait for next year' .

I  laughed and retorted ...'Mate, we "aint even got the bees wintered down, and you are thinking of next year .....! '


And so it was today, as Main Man and I pulled strips and checked  for feed and disease  in a yard where the ice still hadn't melted at 3.30 in the afternoon.....I was thinking of next year  hope ..... lengthening days, warmth  .... promise. 


And with that come Queens.


We used to buy lotsa queen cells  off Maggie. It never ceased to amaze me  how I would call her up one week, and hey presto, the following week 300  cells would be ready, regular as clockwork.


I had a big chat with Maggie this morning  about the up coming tutorial and social event .

I have been thinking about it quite a lot these last few days, mainly because the weather has turned and the mornings have become freakingly cold, but then it is that time of year ..... and many has been the year when Richelle and I have headed north to the conference and made our way down our gully flanked by two metres of snow ....


The forecast 'aint looking great .... which by my book means that the day should be an epic ..... precious learning about the art of raising queens from an absolute professional .... cold Canterbury days as only Canterbury can deliver , my new found mate on the spit roast cooking up a storm of local produce, apologies if you are vegan .... and I think a massive bonfire to warm the front and back.


So, if you want to learn how to produce cheap queen cells, give Maggie a call and she will teach  you how  to . And if you just want to warm yer butt in the fire glow and chew the fat  about hope and plans for the coming season .... come on up.  


Maybe plan to bring a toboggan, as when the conditions are right we have a Luge to rival and better the one at  Rotorua !



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