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New Zealand packages a no-go this spring for Canada

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After a 2+ decade process perfecting a system of getting your fall produced packages to Canada this time of year, the rug was pulled out from underneath the Canadian and New Zealand beekeepers...no packages from New Zealand to Canada in 2020.


In recent years, we were perfecting our beekeeping operation in the beehouses...using those great bees and fall mated queens from New Zealand. But we are no stranger to apocalyptic events that seem to infect the industry here from time to time...just have to make due.


Video below illustrates your Kiwi genetics in action last fall as we were taking the last honey pull off the hives....notice the temperment of the bees.




Those large honey producers are reduced to one brood box that sits on an empty medium where they can build out comb if they wish to...and most do... during fall feeding.


And this is how they survive our extreme cold winter which is almost over...no spring pollen coming in yet.


We can still get queens from the USA...so that means extra effort making up nucs for next winter...at the expense of honey production.😒






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I understand that one supplier did get some packages across....not sure how many.

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So far Beemaid Coop in Alberta is sticking to their story that they couldn't supply...just checked again with them yesterday...think they supply about 8000 packages to this area. Beemaid says that it is an issue of air freight charges...in the past there was always return flights from Canada to NZ after the bees had been landed in Vancouver. Now a bee charter flight would require a two-way fee...making the packages unaffordable.

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