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Entrance Disc

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I've been doing a little exercise in getting more familiar with Solid Works a 3d CAD program for drawing things. The idea was to create  an entrance disc compatible with the normal ones that rotate to cover a 22mm hole in the hive for wooden Nuc boxes and similar. However, the focus was on creating a wasp / robbing guard without impeding the bees too much. It is well known the wasps don't like going down tunnels and that wasps/robber tend to fly at entrances with speed to burst through defences. Most robbing guards are aimed at full sized hives not Nuc boxes.


So, first I made one sector that is a vent but closed off for travelling and made a tunnel out of the rest of the disc with air vent to attract robbers to the smells while the resident bees could use an entrance of about the same cross sectional area on opposite side of the dis. A friend of mine and his partner are big into 3d printing, so here is a look at the first effort. The idea is to paint them with rust oleum 2x in blue from bunnings. But here is bare plastic. I did actually buy some square guards from trademe to give them a run also, but I felt the vent area was too big and the tunnel too small and too close, but worth a try. I found the bees were quite quick to learn this new round entrance.


Do you think I should make any improvements? I'm keen to keep the volume of plastic small and avoid turning this thing into the world series. 

So to sum up, this component was drawn on a computer and then it was 3d printed into plastic to become a real item with no machining or anything like that.

Apparently if you need a 100 at a time, then 3d printing is good. I you need a 1000 or more then injection moulding is good. Hence we are printing them.


MODERATORS: I am trying to upload four jpg files of between 100kB and 254kB, this is way under 2MB but the forum is blocking me and telling me there is a 2MB limit. Please can you advise what I'm doing wrong?



other two photos. disc on the hive and standard disc of similar diameter which was my start point.



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