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Pollen Trap(?) Hive Base: Any Advice?

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When we bought our first hive-ware from a retiring keeper four years ago, and then attracted a swarm to put in a box from the collection, two of these pictured bases came with it. With experience has come curiosity, and we dug the bases out and cleaned up the best one. It appears to be a pollen trapping device with mesh ventilation openings and a variable entry set-up to permit free entry or entry through the pollen stripper and a minimal size entry option via the plastic tubes in the corners. The pollen falls into the slide-out tray shown, well, slid out.

Can members recall these bases? Are they practical and what are the drawbacks? Ought they to be fitted only under a really strong hive and what sort of harvest/non-harvest swap interval should be practiced to keep the hive healthy. We are "gorse farmers" and thought to harvest when the stuff is in bloom. Any advice yea or nay welcomed.

Missing from the photos is a hardboard insert with a half base area port that sits inside under the frames.






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