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Pasture/clover honey prices

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43 minutes ago, jamesc said:

I have no idea of it was being blended .  After  the account had been paid and we shut the container door it was none of my business.

Yeah fair enough but logic would tell you that at double the world market price something “magical” was happening to it to make it saleable.

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On 1/06/2020 at 8:54 PM, jamesc said:

New Zealand has always been about quality ..... selling quality food to a segment of the worlds population who can afford to not worry too much about the price.

We don't need to compete with the Chinese or the Argentines, or the Canadians.

We are better than that.   


Which I guess leads to the question ... how is @ApiNZ Science & Research going with with shouting out our story to the world ? 


ApiNZ have received funding to help get that story out there story James. Not sure when it is kicking off. @Dennis Crowley ?

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