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Comvita consolidating

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12 hours ago, frazzledfozzle said:

My KiwiSaver is relatively small as I only put in the minimum to get the govt money each year and have no employer contributions.

im in the riskiest fund and have lost over $3000 in the past couple of weeks :(

im just going to leave it there and hope for the best

You can move to another “less risk” fund. Conservative fund, ask your KiwiSaver provider to change or if your bank app allows it you can manage it yourself.

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Claude was an amazing chappy, but the real driver behind comvita was Alan Bougen, who got involved with Claude at the beginning. 36+ years ago i was collecting fennel type plants off the side of

I suppose if you charged enough for your mouse someone would buy it but I always found the best use for this type of creature was to put it into your work mates smoker when they aren't looking.

That would have been comfrey you were collecting- one of Claudes favourites hence the name Comvita.  Comfrey/Vitality.

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8 hours ago, Sailabee said:

Sixteen year old grandson told me a four months ago that Warren Buffett had been cashing up, he reckoned the US would crash because you can't hold trade wars with virtually every large country in the world at once and win, so Trumpty de dump has been rescued with an excuse to explain the drop, it was already going to happen.


Buffett also says to the effect: "When everyone is greedy be fearful, when everyone is fearful be greedy".  Given everyone is fearful expect him to be buying up.

1 hour ago, Gino de Graaf said:

I wonder how money appears to help out USA business. Seems that it's easy as. The farmers of soy,corn wheat have been heavily subsidised for the 3rd year. 

Massive cost, much bigger than the motor industry bail out. But the us debt grows by 1mill a min.....now 24 Trillion. 

That a million billion? 


A trillion is a thousand billion, so that's 24 thousand billion, no small change even for us beekeepers.

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