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On 31/01/2020 at 6:26 PM, Maggie James said:

I agree with ChrisM's opinion.  Give it a whirl 10-3pm.  You will soon know if a full day is required, or whether a full day is something that evolves a few years down the track.


I am sure the beekeeping community of Canterbury (ApiNZ or non ApiNZ, commercial or hobbyist) would be happy to be a trial case.  


I think I can safely say we will grab the opportunity of education - whether it be for experienced or inexperienced beekeepers.  Let us know when it should be diaried.  


What would the cost be to attendees?


10-3 sounds like a good span.

Discussions are very prelimary at this time and rely on external funding. The aim would be to make the cost minimal/non-existent and of course inviting all beekeepers - it is not an ApiNZ event but in the absence of another science group stepping forward to organise then this group is aiming to do so for NZ Inc  [JM].

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