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Honey competitions

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Do we have any Honey Awards here in NZ like the Wine Awards? 

The industry could maybe raise awareness of our non Manuka honey with some recognition of all the unique honeys we produce here.  I know there is a competition for various Honeys at the annual beekeeping conference but that’s  the only one I am aware of. 

What are the criteria that judges look for? it would be interesting to have it spelled out along with ways to achieve excellence for the product we put in the jar.  

Some of the basic things are often mentioned like not harvesting honey from brood comb, not using Varroa treatments during the flow, not feeding sugar at a time when it could end up in the honey, getting bee debris out of the harvested honey asap, tutin tests if required.  

Would love to hear of the finer points forum members know about.

And a great selling point if you can put  “5 Gold Stars” on your honey

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