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For Sale [Expired] For Sale Bee Swarm Collector Listing Service

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Bee Swarm Collector Listing Service

Do you want to collect Bee Swarms this season for your local community?


Do you want to help save Honey Bees ?


Have you got what it takes to collect boxes of bees, while the public gasp in sheer terror?


Well maybe being a Bee Swarm Collector is for you!!!!


You will have your own Bee Swarm Collector Listing, the public will call you about FREE bees swarms in your area. Join our listing service today.


Being part of this swarm Collectors list gives you:-

  • Twelve months of listing on our Swarm Collectors List
  • Google Advertising - our Swarm page is high for the public reporting Swarms.
  • The List is updated weekly
  • The Swarm List will rotates, so everyone gets to be the first listing in your area (for at least a week).
  • Yearly Fee – You won’t be charged per swarm call


Special for NZ Bee Forum Readers
Normally the listing (for 12 months) is $19.50.  You can get the listing for $15 until 3 Dec 2019

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