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Zara Karena

For Sale For Sale AFB dog inspection

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AFB dog inspection

Zara and Bax are the team at American foulbrood services, we help beekeepers control AFB, We are serving auckland and northland. 

What is an AFB sniffer dog? 
An AFB sniffer dog is a specially selected and trained dog who has been trained by a professional dog trainer to recognise the scent of American Foulbrood in beehives, via scent association training 

Why should I use an AFB sniffer dog? 
An AFB sniffer dog is one of the very few tools available to beekeepers to keep the elimination rate of AFB lower than the reinfection rate. They specialise in picking up infectious spore loads that have not yet manifested into visual symptom 

We are able to search any size apiary from one hive to hundreds, Baxter is best working in the eve when the bees are asleep and he can get his nose as close as he can to the entrance of the hive without any stingy bees. 

your hives without fear of spreading infection throughout your stock during splits and spring build up. 

Buy used gear 
Make sure you are not bringing infection into your operation through unchecked second hand hiveware, or by reusing dead outs and old gear. 

Sell your bees 
Sell your stock confident you have gone the extra mile to ensure their disease status for you and your buyer, and command top prices. 

The detective work done by baxter is super efficient and fast he works like any other detector dogs but on foulbrood. He's in and out of the hives within minutes. 

Pricing starts at as little as $69 a visit and we do heavily discounted work for bees/beekeepers who have a need for help with a serious AFB problem. 

Need more info check out www.afbdog.co.nz

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