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Rene Gloor

For Sale [Expired] For Sale AFB Detector Dog Inspections

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AFB Detector Dog Inspections

Detector Dog inspection for AFB in Otago / Southland


If you are interested by getting your bee hives AFB inspected by our  AFB Detector Dog contact us. 

The dogs have proven over the last 9 years to be a very effective detection tool for pre-clinical and clinical American Foul Brood.


Please note that the inspections by the dogs DO NOT replace any required regular inspections by law by the Beekeeper. The dogs are only an additional tool.

 Inspections can only be done late afternoon / night/ early in the mornings when the bees are not active. Or Swabs are taken from hives and are checked by our dogs in a controlled environment.

Please contact me if you would like some more information. Some conditions may apply.

Rene Gloor



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