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Nosey parker question for the commercials....

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In our case I believe the ox/gl staples have had an influence on how they over wintered.

our dwindled hives look exactly like the hives that had large losses of bees in spring when I first tried the staples.

difference is the spring hives were visited frequently and I saw what was happening also being spring the hives were  in growth mode so they eventually strengthened up.

these winter hives may have had the same thing happen but we didn’t see it.

being Autumn they were in slow down mode so never got up to overwintering strength with some dying and some only just surviving till now.


With so many beekeepers having good results with staples I couldnt work out why our winter hives had done so badly and I know others who have also had terrible results over their first winter. 


Could it be that the hives with high virus levels have been hit hard with losses just like in spring ?

could it be that those having good results had used staples in the spring and cleaned out all the virus from hives so the winter hives never had the high deaths of bees ? 

Do we need to start on ox/gl in spring to clean out any virus load ?




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Put it this way. I am close to retirement and beekeeping is about the only thing i know.   So, i'm in the process of selling around 1/2 my hives and will be working the remainder to the max.

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Depending on the climate of your apiary site it may be  too late and risky to apply cardboard strips with oxalic acid in say April. If the bees cant or don't want to go outside for water (say for brood raising) they might ingest water held on the strips, which will at least change stomach pH, or could kill bees. There has been advice not to put strips in winter. http://www.apicultura.com.ar/apis_122.html

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@frazzledfozzle I have used staples regularly over spring, summer, autumn & winter. I see the deaths out the front door for about a week after each application. Maybe not the summer one as there is so many bees. 


Anyways, it’s not nice to watch, but I haven’t lost any hives. I think a key to successful application is that there is settled weather for a week afterwards. If the bees are trapped inside because of rain or cold they have greater exposure to fresh OA and their environment gets really moist. Neither of which is good for them, particularly during the cold times. 

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