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Honey Refractometers

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On 20/06/2019 at 1:19 PM, Alastair said:

LOL BeeGirl, I thought maybe i should import 50 and flog them for $150 each. But the secret's out now. 😄

And thanks for the great advice Sailabee and Kate R.


The primary thing i plan to use it for is testing uncapped honey before harvest. At the end of the flow last year there were uncapped frames that looked pretty low moisture to me, just the bees weren't bothered to cap them. But will be good to know for sure.


Which bring sup another thing / question, using the supplied eye dropper thingy, i guess it would have to be washed out and dried between each use to prevent different samples mixing. This is not going to work in a field situation where i may want to test many samples in a day. So i was thinking of taking a drop of honey out of the combs with a matchstick or twig and applying that to the refractometer, I'm guessing that would work if i'm quick and just use the hanging drop?


Mine came with about 15 plastic eye droppers. I got mine from ebay. Cheaper than AliExpress!

In fact @Alastair... less than $1.50 for 20. 


NZ$ 1.19  31% Off | 20PCS Practical 3ml Transparent Pipettes Disposable safe Plastic Eye Dropper Transfer Graduated Pipettes Educational Supplies

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