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BOP Tutin Test Result Mapping

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The group's map has had a layer added for Tutin Test Results. The map now contains blue markers for swarm collectors, green markers for passed Tutin Tests and red markers for failed Tutin Tests. Anyone with a Tutin Test result from any site in the BoP region is welcome to forwards a copy of their test certificate from any year. These are placed on the map so as not to identify any individual nor an apiary site. Members and non-members are welcome to contribute and there is no fee nor block for non-members to view. There are not actually a great deal of test results to see, however, there are two red markers so far and anyone harvesting honey from those two catchments might be on high alert. Composite sample testing can be done from areas with a long green history. Individual testing is recommended in red areas. If you do access the map, it is suggested you make it "full screen" and toggle between collectors and tutin test results according to whichever layer you want to look at. https://bopbee.weebly.com/tutin.html 


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