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Insects doing it hard

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Imagine the cost to entomofauna from the conversion of rain forest to cropping land.

Not to mention general world wide pasture conversions

However its conceivable these land based  losses pale in compassion to whats occurring in the Oceans.

We are at a turning point that we will survive, the zagillion dollar question is which portions of which human populations will bear the brunt of the turnaround.

IMO what we are seeing in world politics are the first stages of this turnaround.

Obviously there are going to be some countries that feel that they can continue to expand, passing the costs onto the rest

Trouble really starts when the "rest" push back.

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I think a lot of the climate change models did not accurately predict localised ocean temp change .

It is likely the tasman may permanently warm up .

 I thought being surrounded by ocean would keep NZ and Tasmania less affected but if the ocean stays warmer thats not true .

Tasmania is already feeling the effects with the terrible fires .

In areas not used to fires , with an ecosystem completely unprepared to cope .

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It is interesting that you both have identified what is happening in the marine environment @Philbee  and @kaihoka

The paper identifies the risks to freshwater invertebrates such as dragon flies and damsel flies, which both have a significant part of their larvae stage in freshwater.

We worry about the oceans warming up but forget about the heating effect on our shallow freshwater bodies.



I think we need to stop using pesticides as prophylactic treatments.

That is using seed coating insecticides when there is no evidence of pest pressure.

In our homes today we used insecticide control dispensers when mosquitoes or flies are not present - is this necessary.


Oh and beekeepers apply varroacides as prophylactic treatments as well.


Life has been made easy by the use of pesticides, but without insects our life may not last long in the future.

The answer is not easy, I do not have it yet.....but we need a rethink and reset for our grandchildren's future to be assured.


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Those auto insecticide dispensers were dispensed with in my house when I started selling caged Queens.

Most recipients of the Queens were cautioned also.

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