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What are the Bees feeding on this week ?

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Managed to track a beautifully strong busy Bee line across a valley to a domestic garden that had flowering ground cover one of the "Grevillia" species - Bees just love it collecting nectar as fast as their little wings could carry them home. - we have to thank Australia for that import !

Also noticed that over the last few weeks bees have been enjoying single flowered Camillia and the ground cover "Winter Rose" - which is also a single open flower.

Rhondodendrons have been popular as well.

Plenty of pollen around - with Gorse and Wattle - many bright yellow pollen covered Bees returning to the hive!

The domestic herb "Blue Borage" been flowering for weeks putting nectar into the hive.

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Erin you let them slurp brassica & you'll end up with super-crystalline honey. I pulled all my

brocolli out when I removed treatment & started collecting honey for the house.

Not too worried at this stage - my bees are still in a nuc with a queen I hope will be laying this week - gonna shake them into their home in 2 weeks if all is good.

But thanks for the heads-up - I'll pull my brassicas out sooner and feed them to the chooks - I usually let some go to seed to attract 'good' garden insects - guess they'll have to make do with yarrow and parsley from here on in. :-)

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