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Trevor Gillbanks

December 2018 Apiary Diary

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1 hour ago, frazzledfozzle said:


2nd that 

Most of the beeks i Know are good guys .

The bad ones must live somewhere else .

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It's been a very bee orientated few days here.  Checked hives 3 days ago, thought to my self best paint those extra boxes and assemble the frames sitting in the garage, as 1 have looked like it needed some space.
So I did that yesterday along with making myself some bee escapes in case I need them.


Cheeked hives today. Yikes it was hot!

I've almost run out of boxes again. I had to put 2 on the hive that I thought needed space, in 3 days, drew out and filled 4+ frames and back filled about 3 or 4 in the brood boxes. WHoops left that a little late.

The others also needed more space.

If they keep cranking at this rate I might have to get some extracted shortly.

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4 hours ago, CraBee said:

Did a sugar shake on a hive yesterday, one mite, will need to ask @Philbee for my money back.  Ha Ha.

Im not at all happy about this but in balance I did find a mite also a while back .:3_grin:


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