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Getting company vehicles registered for RMP transport

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I need to get our Isuzu truck ok'ed to be able to transport RMP drums of honey. I seem to remember our extraction crowd had a form they filled out when they put a couple of drums on one of our utes at one stage. Anyone know where I can put my hands on those forms. We already have a storage RMP for our dry store.

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Chris you are my favourite person today ??

You will need transport as a listed activity on the RMP and then keep a log and cleaning records etc



note that if your extraction plant 'added your ute'  to their log then they would also have to have you listed as a subcontractor with a contract


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Charles, transport is on our RMP, but up until now we have only used big trucking companies which have their own RMP. I must dig out all the RMP documents and go through them all. It was a while ago now!! 

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