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Dee Lusby's Bees

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LOL John i thought you were going to say your open day was like a visit to Dee's apiary. ?

Here is a link to an article about an experiment Dee did that demonstrated thelytoky in her bees. 


I'm not sure the author got all his facts quite right but anyhow the idea is there.



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Browsing some old history on Beesource and found this post by a guy who goes by the name of BeeWrangler, talking about a visit he had with Dee Lusby. It really is pretty funny so have decided to re pr

I had the Hawke's Bay bee club come for a visit today and we had a look through half a dozen hives with most people including me not bothering with a veil despite the day not being perfect. Don't thin

To me followers of Dee Lusby are similar to anti Vaxers 

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