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My name is Marcos Arfenoni, an experimented beekeeper from Argentina. I would like to work in NZ this season.  Vast experience in transhumance beekeeping. Commercial pollination (sunflowers in central region, almond, apple, pear, cherry, etc. in Mendoza . Queen management. Breeding, requeening. Disease identification and control (AFB, varroa). Division, nucleus, harvesting, feeding, etc. 

I was choosen between 400 applicants for work in US.

I worked in the Botno Bee Company (6500/8000 hives) located in Souris; North Dakota. Wintering hives near Crockett; Texas.

If you need an strong employee who loves the activity I could be the solution.








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I read an article about honey production in Argentina and it said some of the wild nectar forage areas for bees were being lost as they were being cleared for soya beans.

Have you seen this .

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Absolutely true. 


Monoculture soy.

Soy area was increasing  every year since RR soy arrival. Less cattle fields. 

Dairy farms broken and closed. No control in pesticide use.

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