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New Zealand swarm dates for season 2018/19

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Warmer day in Dunedin today... Got a call from a hobby beekeeper saying his wife thought the bees were swarming. Got there and she told me she thought they'd settled down now. I pointed to the hose re

These guys made it easy for me.

This was a pretty carniolan hive with last season queen . I had accidently put the queen above the excluder in a three box hive . A few days later I checked and I put her  in the bottom box

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On 7/10/2018 at 5:51 PM, Josh said:

But, do you all quarantine your swarms for two years in case AFB was the stressor that prompted the swarm? Or in case was present or you don’t know the origin of the swarm?

quarantine for a while unless i know the origin of the swarm

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The risk of AFB from swarms is pretty damn low. You do hear lots of stories about people catching swarms and getting AFB but when you look into it its normally because they put it in a box that their grandfather had in the back of his garage. I don't go out of my way to catch swarms but I have caught a lot over the years and never worry about foundation, purging or quarantine and it's never come back to bite me. Putting an infected swarm into a clean box is a lot less likely than the other way round.

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12 minutes ago, Trevor Gillbanks said:

Yes. the swarms appear to be more grumpy this season.  Bigger also.


Are they leaving home grumpy, due to any particular reason? Or like most things beeking, there’s often a different scenario and no one size fits all.

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