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Honey industry like 'wild west', minister says

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14 hours ago, Maru Hoani said:


I vaporize ox, some sites showed 30-40 mites in some hives, when I vaporize a second time a few weeks later there were another 30-40 mites! And that was after 3 synthetic treatments last season


Is this straight after other treatments?  

If it's been a while, then 30 mites is okay.  Actually not that many if it's been say a month or more after other treatments.  

If you are treating the way you do, then I think it's very important to test prior and after each treatment.  

Treating in May was very late or very early.  And could you be treating when other beekeepers are not?  

Last season, i had a big operator treat very late- for us- beginning April.  Our treatment was in for at least a month and I suspected those other hives were mite bombs as this spring looks like those other hives got hammered.  And it did affect our hives I believe as they were feeding sugar for wintering and some robbing could have happened. 



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