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AFB Proposed Levy Increase

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Just got a notification via email.  Massive increase in apiary levy over next few years- going up to $50 a apiary versus current $15 odd. 

Money's going to upgrade Apiweb- about 500K- it doesn't say what happens to the extra annual levy for the apiweb increase after it's done. 

The cost of bureaucratic process - lots. 

The winners- Hobby beekeeper with less than 4 apiaries.   A total of $50 increase

And overseas countries such as China 

Me- about 40 sites- I will be paying an extra of $1,400 odd.  Presently $500.  That's massive.  

How about billing beekeepers who have too much AFB or don't actively control AFB.  Go to the source of the issues and seek funding there. 

Reminds me of Dog Registration.  



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Hi All   I am not convinced by the argument that we need an increase in the AFB levy.  The funding levels must have doubled over the last ten years as  apiary sites have more than doubled. 

Unregistered sites  are a problem but there are plenty of  registered  beekeepers who are just as bad or worse. I think the proposed increase is unnecessary and unjustifiable mainly because the curren

Small things: Why would a disease control agency discourage multiple small sites that are more suitable for containing diseases? Isn't charging a disincentive to register all your sites? Why would you

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A quick search, 

NAIT is 30% funded by government

TB free programme- between 2016-2022 - government will contribute 100M and the dairy/beef/deer sector 150M over same period. 

Can we find some Government support??  For every $1 the government provides ....  why not? 


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I am thinking of anyone with more than 4 apiaries.  It's no good for you at all, few hives and lots of sites. 

How about giving all the 4 apiaries or less rate for the first 4 sites and then increase after.  Like our Tax. That's fairer. 

Can anything change doing a submission though.  It's in writing and feel that it is going to happen any way 

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2 minutes ago, ChrisNZ said:

Is there any indication whether the proposed increases would be phased in over a number of years or should we expect a big hit in one go?  

I'm not sure the AFB Management Plan is actually working.  I have had two notifications that AFB has been found within 3km of my apiaries in the past year and to be honest, I think it's just a matter of time before it spreads to my hives too.  I'd support an increase in fees if I thought that it would actually help.  Sorry to say, I'm not convinced it will.

it increases over 4-5 years.  Though it jumps to $40 bucks soon. Then smaller increases thereafter 


current  15.17

2019/20   23.40

2020/21  42.83

2021/22  49.31

2022/23  50.00

2023/24 50.00

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6 minutes ago, Ali said:

I suspect it will result in even more unregistered sites both small and larger @Chris B.

Yes- it will happen.  

I reckon, user pays.  You have an AFB problem you pay to deal with it.  Sure, you can get AFB- as long as you are reducing/eliminating each year thereafter then all good.  

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I voted no 


I’ve nevet  seen more money going into levies doing any good and I certainly don’t believe it will reduce AFB 


However , I bet my vote makes little difference to their plans . These increases always seem to go ahead 

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I trained as an AP2 back in the day in 2009 or 2010 (I think).  There were probably 30 people on that course in Christchurch alone.  I have never been asked to do anything as an AP2 and presume my authorisation has now expired. I wouldn't know because I never heard anything after I got the letter of authorisation.


On a personal level, I can argue that the AP2 course improved my knowledge and skills as a beekeeper.  I don't know how much that round of training cost, but it won't have been cheap.  As an investment strategy, I'd like to know what it achieved for the industry?


In terms of the proposed levy increase, I'd like some reassurance that any future spending will actually result in positive outcomes and not just tick the boxes.

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47 minutes ago, glynn said:

They did say today that one flyover found 45 percent of the aparys where not registered so we pay for that...

Add that to the levy of 10c per kg of honey 


What was the outcome?  Did the beekeepers get fined/charged?  

In the new proposal, what happens to non-compliant beekeepers?  Is there a penalty?

I guess you can't export the honey?? if the penalty is light, then it could be worth running the risk. 

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6 minutes ago, CraBee said:

If Apiweb is costing $500,000 then that is the first problem.  The software development to get a system to do what I think they will want it to do should cost nothing like that.

The number of hives on each site should also be part of the equation.  If an inspector has eg 2 hives to inspect on a site rather than 30 then that is less time and less cost.


I reckon my 8 year old with limited coding knowledge could design a system for the cost of a Lego Death Star set.

To arrange delivery look me up on Facebook my contact details are there ?

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17 minutes ago, Philbee said:

Exactly what my big wig IT manager mate told me
I logged him in and he laughed
He also knew the IT people involved.......

He said that all the tools exist to make that system work for peanuts


Yes, however your mate does not have the right connections to get this job. So those with the connection can charge what ever their connection agrees. The connection(the person in charge...... the boss in the town) will get his "gift" too. From 500k that can be sorted easily.

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25 minutes ago, glynn said:

There seems to be the idea that it's to hard to get non conformers to court costs wise.

I feel like they are penalizing the good beeks to pay to clean up the problem ones.

Anyone else there today got that ? 

That is exactly what they said today, that it is too expensive to prosecute offenders at $100,000 a go and the most that would happen would be that they would destroy the hives if found.  When we challenged that they can't find the hives when they are registered and gps on Apiweb how on earth are you going to find hives that are un-registered in peoples backyards.  One of the new proposals of money spent is to set up an app so beekeepers can dob in sites where they think there are unregistered hives!!!

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I try to read between the lines and it looks like this increase is affected massively by unregistered hives/apiaries.


How about discovered unregistered hives will be confiscated immediately. Then they can be sold on TM or similar. Preferably TM because it is more open and the highest bid wins. All that money will go to the Agency.


I will not like to have those hives sold for peanuts behind the doors to those with connections.

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