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For Sale [Expired] For Sale ApiGold, Bee Food Supplement for beekeepers 37g per 20L syrup

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ApiGold, Bee Food Supplement for beekeepers 37g per 20L syrup

ApiGold is a bee feed supplement. 
ApiGold is patented. 
ApiGold is a plant based supplement sourced only from trees in New Zealand and contains a range of health giving vitamins, minerals and bio-active compounds. 
ApiGold is used by commercial beekeepers, hobbyists and queen bee breeders 
The benefits: 
•    better hive health 
•    increased production 
•    stronger colony build up 
•    bigger colonies 
•    bigger yields 
•    effective pollination resulting in (based on trials through 2017) 

•    more honey 
•    more brood 
•    decreased pathogen and parasite populations

185g is the dose rate for 100L or 20 hives at 5L per hive


Also available in: 
    185gm pack for 100L syrup

    925gm pack for 500L syrup
    1850gm pack for 1000L syrup

                                     --- ooo ---

Treasuring your bees - the feed trial

Last winter (2017) and spring we used 24 hives in a trial that we split into two yards a couple of kilometres apart. All the hives in one yard had the ApiGold supplement with sugar syrup and the yard had sugar syrup only.

At the end of the trial only one hive survived in the sugar syrup only group and 11 hives survived, and survived well, in the ApiGold group.

During the trial the hives were inspected every three weeks.

We observed; better hive health, increased production, stronger brood and lower parasite numbers (<1% Varroa)  in the ApiGold dosed hives.

                                     --- ooo ---

The supplement is only made from the leaves and branches of New Zealand grown trees.  We grind the plant material into a powder, blend it and finally vacuum seal the powder into conveniently sized packs for beekeepers operations of all sizes.

A few grams of ApiGold will go a long way and our clients are seeing very positive results and we know that a healthy hive means happy bees and we all know how important bees are to life.

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