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With Nosema challenging our bee health nationwide, bees need all the natural help we can provide.  Nozevit+ is an easy and natural way of improving bee health, it assists in combatting Nosemosis using only natural herbal ingredients from plant polyphenols, vitamins, essential oils and citric acid. 

How to use: 

In sugar syrup add 1 ml of Nozevit+ to 200ml of sugar syrup.

Pollen patty - add 1 ml of Nozevit+ per 500g patty.

By spraying: add 1 ml of Nozevit+ to 200ml of sugar syrup and spray the bees in the hives with it.

Regardless of the way this is used it is recommended to treat twice in spring 10 days apart and twice at the beginning of autumn.

1000ml of Nozevit+ will treat 250 hives.

Price is for 1 x 1000ml bottle.

Other sizes available.

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