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Dee Lusby's Treatment Free Bee Video

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On 30/03/2018 at 5:37 PM, Dennis Crowley said:

This should be the promotional video for people who want to become beekeepers, send a copy to all schools and jails. 

ps just my take, but I reckon americans are the worst at making you tube videos, they always seem to spend a lot of time filming and describing stuff as a filler to pad out the length of video. Just saying.

Interesting you make that observation.
Ive had the same opinion about their text books.
One example is a substantial Horse shoeing manual I have.
It is an impressive looking book of almost 1000 pages that cost about $170

Years later after learning the trade I realised that the book could have easily been done in 500 pages but maybe a fat book sells better.

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well, that's another 20 minutes of my life I ain't getting back. 


Although, have to say, the bees were even more impressively obnoxious than other Lusby bees*  videos I've seen.


* (sorry, I cannot bring myself to call them Dee's bees O.o )

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