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Hi, no hate and not too many questions people as i am working thru a scroll of data to see why, what I did if anything to help. I now have two, two year old thriving colonies, and good honey productio

I'll save admin a job here , & tell you myself. Two things, one, if you made a donation you'd be able to PM. Two, it's good you haven't been able to 'cause the rest of us are interested in M's pro

I'm wondering if we look at it logically perhaps the best course of action is to calculate whether bees are indeed the problem and perhaps we need to restrain beekeepers who have more than 10 hives in

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You'll probably have found by now that they like SC in the brood nest but NOT for the honey frames.

Mine frames have the shoulders shaved down a la MB and they do not like these for honey.

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On 24/05/2020 at 7:55 PM, yesbut said:

Are you still supplying them with small foundation or are they doing it themselves ?   Would your bees look the same alongside  mine ? 

I give bees wax foundation, small cell, in the brood nest area only, they build most frames very good, i get some frames 100% corner to corner all capped small cell, it is a nice site. if nectar is coming in fast or mid spring they can go and build what ever as it is very heavy wax foundation, I replace this as sometimes the use this wax to fill will nectar as it is so EASY FOR THEM to draw out. I also have a full apiary in normal black frames, and when you compare the bees the small cell bees are smaller. I have offered black frames as well to the bees but they do like the wax foundation, next trips will be heavy wax 5.4mm.

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