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Fungi and non chemical treatment of Varroa and other illnesses.

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This is a great podcast with Paul Stamets. He goes into more detail about how he discovered the fungi treatment for bees, as well as some other really entertaining yarns about his mushroom hat, magic

I've been collecting Pollypore mushrooms want to get a trial set up this winter just got to extract the goods. Just checked my silver Birch logs going to be a bit before I get any meaningful amounts.

Just fomes formentarius in syrup latest Spring and this Autumn

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For any interested..

I emailed a Mycologist that I know at Landcare who said - While Fomes fomentarius was mentioned in some early literature as occurring in NZ, these records were based on misidentifications.  To my knowledge we do not have this species in NZ.

I believe the Fomes we have is Fomes Hemitephrus. There is a list of the woody bracket fungi found in NZ here - https://fungalguide.landcareresearch.co.nz/WebForms/FG_Group.aspx?Group=Bracket

Stamets was (somehow) culturing the mycelium from F.fomentarius and using that to make his extract. From what I understand this had an effect of reducing the incidence of DWV as well as increasing the lifespan of the bees. I don't know how important that it is the mycelium that is used or the fruiting body?

For clarity the trials with Metarhiziums showed promise with controlling the mites themselves.

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