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New Varroa treatment from Iran - heating the hive

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I saw this on an Iran beekeepers site about a German guy heating the hive to kill the Verroa eggs.


mortality of honey bees. Chemical methods have not only not destroyed the population of mites, but have caused resistance to their progenies over time, instead of weakened and more vulnerable bee honey.

One of the old methods of fighting and treating is the use of heat. This method, which is called a sauna for the Bumblebee, is possible using a cheap and simple tool. In this situation, honeybees experience a sultry heat and there is no problem, but larvae of the young and the mites will be destroyed.

Saunas in the hive https://iranbee.com/سونا-برای-زنبور-عسل-مرگ-برای-واروآ/

The way the device works is to put it under the colony to produce moisture and heat at temperatures from 39 to 45 degrees centigrade. The temperature and amount of moisture are continuously measured and controlled by the machine. After about 2 hours, the treatment is complete and the device is removed.

The theory is that at temperatures above 29 ° C, the proteins found in the body of the mutated veins will be deformed and irreversible damage will occur in the mite, but honey bees can easily tolerate up to 45 ° C And harm will not be noticeable to them.


Among the different breeds, the Indian bee honey is natural because of the heat of its puppies inside the cells at about 38 ° C and the proper temperature for growing and replanting Varava is 31.3 to 34.2. The tick is resistant. In the European breed, the temperature of the male pupae is 30 to 34 degrees and the worker is 34 to 36 degrees centigrade, and hence male pupae are more suitable for the growth of this ticks.

The recommended amount for this organic and inexpensive treatment is twice a year, and the best time to do it at the beginning of the season is the spring and the end of the season, the fall. This method has been tested on the weakest colonies and has shown great results.


Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 11.50.45 PM.png

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Thye idea has been around in various forms for quite some time. here is a discussion on another forum   http://www.beesource.com/forums/showthread.php?325141-Thermosolar-Hive-the-new-silver-

Brood will die at 37degC and thats where the mites are

Of course it works ! It fixes AFB as well.

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There maybe another weapon for the war on Verroa it repels every day bugs and can kill any supers bug.

Its been tested on Cows with Mastitis, its in a 10% alcohol mix and you should be able to spray the bees with it.

NZ govt has invested 4m NZD and a $20m processing plant. I will let you know once we try it on Bees.


Im looking for a hive around Auckland full of Verroa if anyone want to watch and take part?

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