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NewBee buying Bees however Im a little take back and unsure

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7 minutes ago, tristan said:

no one has put up any details of the person that isn't already in the public arena. the entire transaction is free to view online by anyone.


The transaction may be but the complaint handling isn't. If what has been sold isn't what was advertised, its a TM issue.

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You got taken for a ride. You were right in expecting 5 frames in each nuc. I have never heard of anyone selling nucs with virgin queens, that’s just really weird. 

the whole thing sounds weird. virgin queens IN a nuc ?? ???? really, he intends to use your bees ?? going into a partnership ???   plus the sellers record is not very good.

No. Not you @Alanbee.  The seller on trade me. Those nuc's are a rip off. as has been pointed out.

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