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What is this activity?

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Does anyone know what this significantly increased activity is? You can see most of the flying bees are facing the hive, so can't be swarming???

Usual activity is way less than this. The vid was taken Tues at 3pm, and is happening again now, Wed at 3.30pm.


BTW, this is the video I was taking when I got stung in the eyes yesterday, hence the camera suddenly ending up in the grass...



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Standard bee orientation flights.  New bees setting their GPS. Happens every day between 2 and 4 pm. thereabouts.

Good.  Now do some research and get it all sorted in your mind as these things are important to know.  

It prevents unnecessary stings....

11 minutes ago, Dane Attwood said:

I would also recommend opening up the entrance so they can get in and out easier... looks like you have it on reduced mode that is for late autumn and winter time

It is open to its fullest. It is a Hive Doctor Smart Floor without the 3 red entrance disks. It has the standard black entrance thing sitting up so bees have full access.
(In the original HD floor, you have to lift the bottom box up and forward. I have done that on the hive I got stung from)

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