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Hi all. I was just wondering if anybody could  give me some useful info on how much I should charge another beekeeper to check their hives for Afb.  Obviously I have a DECA, and they do not. I just have no idea what to charge for this job. Any 'ball park' figure would help. Cheers.

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I charge $50/hr for the first hour then $20/hr for every hour after that, plus $0.72/km travel

I charge $50 for a couple of hives, or $50 per hour if more hives and it takes longer.  I don't bother with travel time, but they need to be within reasonable reach of my area.  It's not work I seek o

Local hives I'll do it for nothing as I like to keep the back yard clean.

I’m a beginner and was expecting to pay about $75-100 and given that I was going to get to watch someone experienced go through my hive and wasn’t begrudging at all. However I ended having someone from the Auckland club come, and gave him a big box of craft beer and any citrus he wanted from the garden as he didn’t want to charge. It was very cheap and very very helpful. Not sure if that helps though.

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Hi people. Another question regarding Afb inspection: After inspecting another hobbyists hives and found them clean from Afb,  how do I go about finding the papers to sign for their Annual Disease return etc. Any info is helpful. Thank you.


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The hobbyists should have received those blank certificates  in the mail already. If they haven't, either there's a slip up and they need to contact afb.org for a form, or they are very recent startups who aren't required to inspect this time.

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