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What a wonderful place this site is, full of great people always ready to help out with really good advice and in my case much more.   @M4tt and his lovely wife arrived at our place this aft

@DuncanCook, if you’d be so good as to donate to the forum , then I’ll be able to message you and set you up with some Bees ?

@DuncanCook I'm picking you are about two hours from me, which isn't out of the question, but November is. It's pollination time and I feel lucky if I get home to a good nights sleep. I will be human

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@DuncanCook how are these new girls settling in?

you really are back in bee territory with 2 hives

ideal learning with an established hive and a Swarm


I took a Nuc off my original Nuc (hive 1) 3.5 weeks ago

@M4tt requeened hive 1 (2 year old queen ) and checked the new Nuc for me yesterday. He wasn’t totally happy with them.  We selected a frame from a  2nd hive (swarm from 2 years ago) and placed it into the centre of the Nuc

We’ll watch and wait longer... ?


Bee fun!! :IMG_0386:

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They are really busy at the moment, will have another check on Sunday. Makes me realise just how poorly my old hives must have been when I thought they were doing ok. :/


Good luck with your split please keep us posted, I would like to try a split later for the experience as much as anything else but am cautious (don't want to try to run before I can walk!)


As far as I am concerned @M4tt can walk on water  :D

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31 minutes ago, M4tt said:

C’mon guys , you’re laying it on a bit thick ?

Take it or leave it

I thought the thread needed a more realistic tack

1 hour ago, Beefriendly said:

@M4tt is one of the really good beeks on this forum

there are plenty of others... 

@DuncanCook we are privileged to have his hands on input...



Note “there are plenty of others...”

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