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NZBF What are these pictures of?

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just did a check of my hive today.


Lot more bees this week compared to last week.


just wondering what a couple of pictures are showing?


Are some brood drone (I noticed a few bigger bees) these were on the bottom of a couple of the frames in the bottom box.IMG_1148.thumb.JPG.d34e16186e9e9f8f044ebb2036b98fb0.JPGIMG_1150.thumb.JPG.d6579d8b62ed28f11c289587ea66fe04.JPGIMG_1144.thumb.JPG.d8dceacf5688b2a6e66cfb42742b3586.JPG


And one which was in the middle of other brood but was like an igloo with a dome. Is this a queen cells. Does anyone have any pictures of queen cells that they could post so I know what to look for.



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8 hours ago, tristan said:

thats drone comb on the bottom of the frame. you can scrape it off.

the other is a start of a queen cells or "play cell". check there is no egg in it.

No egg in it. Just scrape off next time?

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