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Here at NZ Beekeepers we've launched a Beekeeping Q+A forum.

But how does this differ from asking your question on the General Beekeeping or Beginner Beekeeping forums I hear you ask?

Well if you put 5 beekeepers in a room, ask one question and you'd typically get 8 or 9 answers. We see this from time to time on the forums and that's before you go wandering off topic as you get lost in the conversational comments.
Q+A allows all this to happen, but lets the cream rise to the top in the form of post ratings. If your post answers the question, it gets voted up by the members. If it doesn't, you get no votes and if you go completely off on a tangent the post might get voted down. 

The OP can select a given question as the most suitable answer for their circumstances and the topic will be marked answered. This may or may not be the most voted reply, but all replies will be shown in the order of most votes first. 

All topics are listed unanswered first. Got a question? Give it a try.

New Zealand Beekeeping How Do I ?

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