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Swarm collectors Wellington

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I took a call today from a nice lady in Wellington about a swarm. Actually it was just lots of bees. Presumably scouts from an actual swarm nearby. Anyway usual advice, keep the windows closed and they will move on. They did.


I'm in Wairarapa and couldn't have gone to assist. She got my name off the Internet, knew I was out of area but called anyway because she couldn't find anyone to call closer to her. Really?


Anyway just in case someone else in Wellington calls me about a swarm I'd like suggestions of where to direct that call. Is there a Wellington Beekeeping club swarm coordinator?

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Thanks. I'll tell the next one to call Nelson District Council.

If they can find one.

Rob Stockley have you seen this?   http://www.beehive.org.nz/swarms   We had some swarms come up on the Bee Swarm NZ fb page and due to lack of other response on fb, I used that we

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