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NZBF Bees overcome Newbee’s brain fade

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Opened up hive to see that last week after pulling out some frames etc to create a couple of nucs for queen cells that I had forgotten to replace a frame in the top box.

however bees realising their dumbass beek beginner had missed one went on to build fresh comb down from the top feeder in the open frame space. 

What is really interesting was the honey comb had been created in a magnetic north to south orientation.

My hive is oriented about 5-7 ˚ off north facing so they actually created 4 slightly angled combs to align north-south rather than a single comb.

Is it normal for bees to lay the comb north-south? If so is productivity improved if hive is oriented north-south?

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The four combs instead of one was nothing more than a result of committee consensus rather than centralised control

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