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Warre Management

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My 1st (and currently only) Warre with a December 16 swarm is doing well on inspection 4 weeks ago. Top box 1 free "frame" rest good food brood and lava. Bottom box no comb. Plan to treat with Bayvarol. How many strips and for how long (? 6-8 weeks). 

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Internally a Warre box is almost 1/2 the volume of a full depth lang. So in theory anyway you only need 1/2 as much treatment, ie, 2 strips a box. But better to err on the side of caution and go with

Thanks @Timw, I would put 4 Bayvarol strips, as per packet instructions. There is no economy in saving 1 strip for later as the foil is already opened, and in the 8-10 weeks of treatment the bees may very well start expanding to the bottom box and if they decide to put brood in there, then there isn't too much product. Bayvarol is slow release, so no harm done.

Let us know how things are going! 

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