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Wanted Wanted Items: Listing guide

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A wanted listing is for the purpose of stating that you are in a position to purchase something. You can create a listing at https://www.nzbees.net/classifieds/

You should be clear to state what the item is, how many you want, where you are and a price range that you are prepared to pay.
You need to state whether you can collect (and the region) or want delivery.


A wanted listing is not for the purpose of getting recommendations on kit or suppliers - this is the purpose of Hives & Equipment


Do not use a wanted to list something you are selling.

ie Wanted: buyers for 10 jars of honey


When listing a quantity, please note the difference between selling a quantity of 20 individual pieces versus selling one lot containing 20 items.


Parties posting listings are responsible for the accuracy and content of their advertisement. NZ Beekeepers will not be liable for any damages arising out of errors or omissions. NZ Beekeepers provides the buy, sell and exchange section as a platform on which to advertise, however do not process the transactions or hold any responsibility with regards to payments.


If you wish to have a secure method of payment it is recommend that you paypal and conduct the completion of the sale inline with the paypal terms and conditions.


You are however expected to ensure your listing here includes sufficient detailed information on the product, its condition and price (which should include delivery). Providing a link or pointing people to another site for the completion of purchase will be regarded as unsolicited spam and may be deleted or closed. You must own the products that you are listing. If you fail to put sufficient details within your listing, it may be removed.


If you are wanting (listing) bees, queens, cells or second hand equipment please include your bee registration number within the advert. Listings without a rego will be closed.


Buyers and sellers should make use of the document at Sale and purchase of hives


Contact Information

It is strongly recommended that you do not disclose your email address or phone number in public posts. Buyers would be expected to reply to the post with any questions they may have and contact you via conversation with their contact details once the sale is complete. It is strongly recommended that you do not conduct sales via conversation, but ask a prospective supplier to make a listing.

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If you wish to make a sale or wanted listing, please view the sale and wanted information post in the first instance.


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