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550L Sugar Dispenser and Mixer/Dispenser Tanks

Lucy Tasker

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The Ecrotek Mixer / Dispenser is a tall baffled tank with a small footprint, designed to fit compactly on the back of a truck or ute, making feeding out fast and efficient. The unit is specifically designed for dissolving solid sugar into water at the concentration you need. Baffling in the tank makes liquid more stable in transit.


  • Powerful Honda GX160 2-inch pump and 20m ¾ inch hose which provide rapid filling of feeders.
  • Specifically designed to fit onto most ute decks
  • Strong galvanised frame/skid for use with forklifts
  • Convenient dispensing nozzle
  • Internal tank baffles to reduce liquid movement during transport
  • Dimensions 1790mm(L) x 640mm (W) x 1150mm (H)


The two tanks are available here: http://www.ecrotek.co.nz/catalogsearch/result/?q=550L


Feel free to ask any questions :)


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I've spoken to the team, and have some answers for you:


@tommy dave

We had considered putting heating into the unit but cost/compliance/safety made it prohibitive. I find in autumn and spring by using hot water when I start, that I can get sugar into solution at 2:1 concentration. It needs to be at 20 degrees or hotter (after sugar added) to completely dissolve at this concentration.



Happy to get feedback on this. The feet are probably a bit larger than they look on the site – 100mm x 50mm. It hasn’t been an issue on the trucks the units have been on but if it is a concern, or the deck is not solid enough, the unit could sit on a larger bearer. There are screw holes in the bottom of the feet for fixing.

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On 10/07/2018 at 10:58 AM, Beat said:


Do the baffels in the tank restricting the mixing process. And does the aggitation of the pump competly desolve the sugar for 2:1 syrup with cold water.



Hi @Beat, The baffles don’t restrict mixing as internal hoses spread the flow in the tank. It does mix 2:1 but not with cold water. The temperature must be 20 degrees or above for sugar to completely dissolve at this ratio. If you want to mix 2:1, you’ll need hot water, and it needs to hot enough to finish at 20 degrees – noting that cool sugar will bring down the overall temperature. Generally full heat from your house tank at max temperature will be sufficient.

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