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NZ Beekeepers MARKETPLACE are available via the navigation tab. 

There are currently several advertising options and paid listings, including a featured advert option for those who have a relevant subscription.


How it works

I've set up a $2 advert, a $2.50 advert and a $10 advert listing option.

The system uses a secure hosted online banking system. For each transaction it takes 4% and 50c in fees

The fees do not come to us, they are charges for the payment processing and are taken by the provider.


For example: If you purchase a $2.50 advert, 60c is taken in fees and $1.90 is used as a donation to nzbees.net 


This system has 3 methods a person can use to pay for your goods

Card - Bank Transfer - Account Credit
That's all handled by securely by the online banking system, again using the charge of 4% and 50c in transaction fees.

So if you sold something for $100. You'd get $95.50 once fees have been accounted for.


The $95.50 would be added to your account credit on completion of the sale and the amount of credit you have, is listed within the STORE tab, under ACCOUNT DETAILS.

You can use the account credit for your next listing/purchase/donation

You may request a withdrawal at any time of your account credit and the funds will be credited to your bank account by bank transfer. 

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