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Beekeepers: Read how to respond to Swarm Collection Requests

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It is important that beekeepers know how to respond to swarm requests, as we do not allow guest members to post personal contact information in order to protect their privacy.



If you wish to participate in this section of the forum, you need to have completed BOTH sets of instructions at Where and how to post contact details & how to view them ensuring your privacy setting is set to allow ALL VISITORS access to your profile.


You can check this, by browsing your profile whilst logged out. Please note information placed in your profile is done so at your own risk.





When a member of the public, posts a swarm request, you can introduce yourself, post that you are available for that area and the timeframe you are available from-to. You should direct the person to your profile page so that they can make contact by the methods you have given access to.


It is acceptable for multiple beekeepers to respond in the same way for swarms and it is up to the requester to choose who they will use. We ask the following:



  • You do not charge the requester for swarm removal.
  • You do no sub contract beekeepers to run your removal on your behalf.
  • You do not charge other beekeepers to remove the swarm.
  • You do not claim a swarm as your own unless you have personally collected it.


Please advise us when the swarm has been collected, so that we can close the request.

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