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Oxalic and glycerine

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I'll not use second hand staples.

I forgot who posted about the folded staples(no sewing). I plan to use that too soon in 4 layers. Maybe 1 office staple at the closing end.


Did anybody ordered recently GL from Clark?

In Feb-Mar I called them to guide me how to order/pay online and a lady told me that they don't have that option and she took my details to pass them on to the sales team. Never heard from them since.

Last week I called them again and a gentleman told me to write them an enquiry(they have that option on their website) and they'll send me an invoice and how to pay. Haven't heard from them for a week.

Is there a particular name I should try to get in touch with?


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Hi All, I don't have time to follow every chat group, but I got a notification about this one.  I'm interested in your experiences with OA/gly in NZ, so please feel free to contact me directly at

You are obviously still young . I try and leave the bathroom before the steam has cleared .

This is an issue that comes up often There tends to be two ways that Beeks place Staples and one way results in less Brood damage. Some Beeks remove an edge frame, spread the remaining frames o

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Sounds weird, I have ordered from them and paid online many times, for years, they have always been very efficient.


Not sure just who to talk to, but when you call, say something like - I want to buy Glycerin, please put me through to the right person to talk to about that.


If you don't have an email with invoice from them by next day call again.

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On 6/09/2020 at 1:52 PM, Kiwi Bee said:

For how long do you guys dry your staples for?

I mix up 25g of solution for every 12g of tape. This doesn't generate any surplus. I keep the lid on the bucket but not clicked down all around and I tilt the bucket on a skirting board, rotating it 90 degrees whenever going past it. When 48 hours it is all soaked in. I turn them over so bottom ones at top and vice versa. After ~5 days they can start to go in hives and are 'dry'. So,  I don't do this drying step and don't need to. I'm not even sure that glycerine does 'dry'. It is more a draining step?

If you have a lot of surplus solution and then end up drying/draining the amount of solution on each tape could be quite variable and a high volume of material on the surface could head towards a high dose - flash treatment. But since I've never tried a surplus mix and draining, so I can't criticise something I've never tried. I know that when Phil was doing this with 450 strips in a bucket or whatever it is, he included a small surplus, but with that many packed in there, there is no space for a surface layer.

Leaving them on the dry rack must allow moisture to be absorbed at the same time as surplus solution can drain off. At the end of the day it just seems like extra work and far quicker to put in the right amount of gizz in the first place. (?).

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@ChrisMyou are right with the process you use.

This time I was lucky because the weather was not too bad and there was not too much moisture.

I think the key is to NOT have sticky staples and this is what I got. Dry-ish surface while you can feel the mix inside the staples.

A couple of years ago when I made my first staples I used Phil's recommendation to press the mix out of the staples. With that method the surface of the staples were still wet(not that sticky but still wet and less mix per staple).

With my method I ended up with few extra staples(I didn't measure the mix per staple. I just made enough mix for my requirements plus a bit of extra) but I'll use those within few weeks as we all know the bees will chew them fast in the spring.


PS - there was a very minimal dripping(non significant) from the staples while they were on the rack.

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