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Africanised bees

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Africanised honey bees (AHB) are the product of a crossbreeding programme gone wrong. In the 1950s, Brazilian scientists imported the African honey bee, Apis mellifera scutellata from South Africa to improve productivity of the local European honey bee (EHB) populations, which were poorly adapted to tropical conditions. The aim was to select for docility within the imported A. scutellata stock and then use it for a breeding programme to improve the productivity of EHB under tropical and subtropical conditions. Breeding research was interrupted when 26 queens accidentally escaped from the quarantine zone. They interbred with EHB colonies, and AHB was born. Note that AHB are a cross or hybrid between A. mellifera scutellata and European races.

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Pedro Perdomo


It's realy! My personal experience in from Venezuela is bad bee! It's very very agresive and few productivty. I speak a little English. I have a big experience to work with African bees.

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