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  2. Same issue here, I got manuka but it's probably 50% uncapped and I got to take it cos a lot of other stuff starting to come in. The guy who will extract it has set up a de humidifier thing that blows dry air through the boxes prior to extracting, he is confident it will work.
  3. When it's in bloom and the weather's good😂 Hopefully not too much in my manuka this year, I'm only pulling the mainly capped boxes most the second boxes are full except they're not capped and jelly az so I'm just leaving it with an extra super hopefully $5kg+
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  5. Bazza has his own processing plant? I thought Aiborne did all you guys stuff? . I'm with you there Yesbut, i like a good flavoursome bush honey. My own turned out a pretty nice brew last season, just had a new customer call me to order some more, they told me they ran out but had had several customers actually tell them it was a really nice honey could they get some more. But it's all personal taste i guess. To me, the best multi florals are the nicest. But i think mono florals are worth more because we know exactly what we are getting. Me, I have to produce multi florals because where my bees are there is a bunch of stuff all flowering at the same time, no option. The down side of that is depending which species flowered well or poorly that year, can change the taste seasonally. But now I have a stock of some key flavour enhancing honeys, if need be i think i can blend this seasons crop and get a similar honey to last year which has been pretty popular. 🙂
  6. She is young . She is a supersedure this spring . She had only just started to lay about a 6 weeks ago , her daughters may have a better temperament.
  7. Nothing wrong with being pedantic. BTW, jellybush is Leptospermum polygalifolium . Despite having higher levels of DHA and MGO than our manuka, it does not pass the MPI standard
  8. That queen looks young to me. I wonder if they superseded the grumpy one .
  9. i've seen it in nelson, ants wiped out an otherwise strong and healthy hive owned by a friend of mine.
  10. 'Cos most of us prefer a real honey like kanuka/mahoe.
  11. We finally had a day when it was fine all day so I looked through the hives. I found the queen in nasty hive , but the hive was very nice today . I think it just gets grumpy with wind .WelcomeShe looks a nice colour . The top brood box was chocker with honey and the bottom box layed out so I put another box on and moved half the honey frames into it and gave her some empty drawn frames to lay in. I looked in the hive that I had split the old queen off . I had left only one half made cell in it but the bees had made more and virgins were hatching as I looked. I removed as many extras as I could find and broke down more cells . However I had only got 50 mtrs before I saw a swarm behind me , I must have missed one. This hive had nearly completely capped a box of honey while it had no brood to look after . It tastes like kamahi . Considering our crap weather I was surprised how well they are doing .
  12. Doesn't come up in google. I am not a gin drinker! I am a serious scrabble player and follower of the OED!!!!! Anyway, gotta go and cage some queens. Then am off to catch some blue cod for a few days.
  13. Ah no ...... won't be in that. But try the Merendonk Ghorkali dictionary. You on the Gin again tonight ? 😘
  14. We use the OED as reference when needed
  15. Ah ..... 'Bujne" ....... is Ghorkali for Thinking . In Nepal a 'Bujne Manche' is a smart Dude.....
  16. Can't say without my magnifying glass, that I can spot the word "Bujne" (will remember it next time I am playing the competitive whanau in scrabble-. Unfortunately our industry places a lot of importance on marketing and communication degrees, and the word governance. Have absolutely no idea what the word governance means, but I know it cuts out a lot of logical, practical, common sense, business wise and successful people who can't or who do not what to belittle themselves to talk this talk.
  17. While splitting some three decker hives this afternoon that were jam packed with brood, I came accross this flyer in the paper. We use a lot of newspaper when splitting bees. So I offer it up .... a trade secret and point of difference for New Zealand honey, because we are "Bujne" people that aspire to be at the top of our game, whether as Bee Keepers, or farmers, or sailors ..... I won't mention the rugby ..... I don't mind sharing information like this ..... there are people out there better at marketing than I, but this is where we need to be going. The only catch as I see it, is that to be Carbon neutral you should just give up Sky Diving. I thought Airborne were our Champions for monofloral honeys ......
  18. We need to promote our monofloral natives, beech dew, and the likes of clover the higher than world average on pollen count. I can't understand why something so simple hasn't been championed.
  19. Honey ..... believe me ..... we are trying to .
  20. The reason is that it is the most common honey on the world market is that it is the most diluted. I would really like to see New Zealand promoting it as a premium clover honey, with a pollen count higher than the international average. I have produced 80-90% clover and my customers are gaga, along with Bazza's creaming skills. I can't understand why NZ isn't marketing premium clover.
  21. Not "clover" again.The most common honey on the world market.
  22. Well there yer go! Two quality suppliers of clover honey, get it creamed by Sheehans. They definitely have the touch. Cos, for 20 years my customers have raved about my clover honey
  23. Oh ..... I thought mine was the best ..... also creamed by Sheehans !! Spring is the time for fixing hives. The time for taking from the strong and giving to the weak. When I see hives at Christmas stacked up with six and two I surmise that someone did'nt take the time it takes to even them up. They were lazy. But there yah go .... Crate day makes one a bit lippy, right.
  24. People say that my creamed clover honey (creaming& packing by Sheehans) is that best they have ever tasted. That is cos Sheehans have great creaming skills, but my clover honey has an incredibly high clover count. Maybe NZ or Canterbury should market premium clover honey!!!!! The reality is that my clover honey has a higher clover content than the stuff on the supermarket shelf and is therefore preiumum; combined with superior creaming skills.
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