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  2. I don’t remember last year although I do know we didn’t have hungry hives in winter last year
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  4. Hey @Tai Tapu Beekeeping, how strong is this hive? The challenge for you now is that the wasps are still active, especially on the warmer winter days but the bees are struggling with their activity. So making the assumption that your hive is strong enough, like at least more than 2 frames of bees, then you will have enough of them to effectively defend themselves against the wasps, and again, assuming you have enough bees they will completely cover up the entrance into the hive during their largely dormant cold winter temperatures: but only if you fit the HiveGate, and that this is placed, correctly, directly under the cluster. This may not all make sense unless you have a look at our website with the installation and research videos. Have a look at www.beeiq.solutions. you are more than welcome to message or contact me directly to talk through. Sean
  5. No different to last year ? Winter isn't here yet.
  6. How about explain what you are doing TaiTapHoney
  7. We’ve hardly had any frosts so far this winter. We walked away from the bees with a box of honey on each one and now we are chasing our tails feeding hungry hives
  8. I don’t even think this is actually June. Pictured is a 5 frame nuc in a 10 frame FD box made at the very end of April with a QC (IN CHRISTCHURCH!!!!):
  9. until

    This tutorial rapidly filling with an interesting selection of experienced beekeepers. See Maggie April pdf in above posting for contact and essential registration details Cheers. Maggie
  10. QUEEN CELL PRODUCTION TUTORIAL BRIDGMAN ROOM, THE ARTS VILLAGE, 1240 HINEMARU ST, ROTORUA SUNDAY 30 JUNE, COMMENCING 9.30 A.M This tutorial rapidly filling with an interesting selection of experienced beekeepers. See Maggie April pdf in above posting for contact and essential registration details Cheers. Maggie
  11. The only reason for blocking the hive in when trying to destroy wasps would be if you were using a poison bait that was attractive to bees as well is wasps and that would be a threat to every hive in the area and illegal. Get some vespex which is a ready mixed bait and Safe to use around bees.
  12. Philbee


    Grab one of those wasp guard devices from Sean Monica Even if your current Hive dies use it on the next one. One Hint If a hive is sick from Varroa etc the wasps will get it no matter what you do
  13. As far as I know Arataki does not import propolis . Comvita certainly used to and probably still do. This should be illegal as it is a high risk product and they should be shamed for doing so . They also I believe import Royal jelly, another high risk product.
  14. Exactly I would be very disappointed if there was a locked gate because now is not the time to pursue that type of business model.
  15. Even with a vented bottom? We think the hive is too far gone, but looking at how to protect the bees while destroying the wasps (if possible)
  16. You can only do private messaging on this site if both parties donate to this site. However it is possible to get individual emails from personal profile details. I will leave you to work that out.
  17. At this time of the year. All day. Summer time. maybe 30 minutes.
  18. Question for the group, how long can we lock down the hive ie shut the hive Dr doors while we try to eradicate a wasp issue?
  19. Hey Maru, weird how that truck got no tie down rails...
  20. Good question. I had a look at the programme- only really interested in 3 topics- over 3 days. Not really worth the investment I feel. I could be interested in heading over to check out the trade stuff and catch up with some other beekeepers, if allowed to.
  21. I wouldn't really do it. Karma and all that....
  22. Don't do it. Trademe price is $45.00
  23. Thank you for your responses! really appreciate it. Specially @Trevor Gillbanks. I actually tried to private message you but I guess there's no option. I just emailed arataki, hoping to get a response soon although based on your replies, I doubt Arataki's email will be positive. I can understand why NZ prohibits it. I'm grateful anyway! Thank you so much! Learned so much from this thread.
  24. I use a match stick or if no one is looking, then the hive tool or my finger works pretty well.
  25. Welcome along @Jaspah. It is illegal to import bee products into New Zealand so I would suggest that the answer will be No. Have you tried to contact Arataki direct. Maybe @john berry can clarify this.
  26. Honey/wax/propolis imports into NZ are prohibited.
  27. Good day to all of you! I've been lurking around the threads for quite a while now, looking to see if arataki accepts propolis from overseas? Canada to be specific. I registered thinking I can send private message to people here. Anyway, if any of you good folks have any details, I'd be grateful! In the meantime, continuing my search on google for any buyers. Thank you!
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