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  2. Don't worry too much! You have probably done a lot better than me selling your honey...
  3. Also, many have stock piled. So it's possible that stocks get low, but slow return shopperz.
  4. You'll have to ask Jacinda, I can't imagine either will happen.
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  6. I'm thinking that honeys that supposedly have curative properties may do well at this time. I base that on my own sales, my bush honey which has a label that makes it look like a wild, natural type product, has been majorly outselling the other honeys on the shelf according to the retailers. But go back a month and more and it was just level pegging. A retailer told me it's especially going to Asians and he has seen people walking out with up to 4 jars at a time. Although the current financial climate is bad generally, it could be good times for products seen as healthy.
  7. If don restarts the building job he had to stop when curfew is lifted do you know how much he has to pay back . Or does it all get sorted at end of tax yr .
  8. My Japanese wind anenomes are out, bees just loving their yellow pollen
  9. I am considering building Weta City when I get the use of my hand back
  10. Ever the optimist, I will remain thinking the glass is half full for the timebeing. It never fails to astound me the resilience of people in crisis and I am sure this situation will not differ. Whatever people may think of China, they are coming back to work, they are almost 100% returned. Chines trade is bouncing back. Borders may be locked down for 16 months (who knows) but I doubt very much self isolation will last anywhere near that period. Certain sectors will obviously be effected for a long time, while borders remain closed for personel travel but also many businesses will bounce back as soon as domestic freedom of movement returns. Also you do not have to vaccinate the whole world at the same time, but you do have to vaccinate any one that travels and people at risk (elderly, underlying illness). I am sure this will be planned and methodical.
  11. I'd only be worried if they all turned up over here.
  12. I have a special pile of unsplittable bits that I put aside for the bugs.
  13. Govt just put money in our account . So thank you all the people who encouraged me to believe in magical thinking . 😍😱😙 Do you get a pension and a payment ?
  14. I have plenty of long straight trees and didn't need to split the awkward bit that came from a fork, just bloody minded I suppose, oh well lesson learned ( the hard way)
  15. Our last year buyer reports, Big demand in Manuka. I reckon because it will cure covid. And cancer. Not buying lowly pasture for a while. Darn it. Looks like you Manuka producers going to do well, again... Clover also cures cancer and covid.
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  17. I thought that Tony Alexanders article was really interesting, but didn't factor in the drop in oil prices internationally - the Russians and the Middle East are in a battle which will impact USA hugely, as it will drop their income at a time when their trade wars with many countries are only just starting to hit home.
  18. Yes you've got to be worried about the people in a place like India.
  19. Get yer camera out. I am sure it will happen. If we can bring it a bit under control in NZ, I don't see us wanting to let in many tourists, let alone NZers travel overseas. The Spanish flu epidemic lasted two years!
  20. Speaking of wood and fire, with about 2 inches of rain overnight and today I applied for a permit to burn the bon fire which has accumulated in the back paddock over the drought and subsequent fire ban.. very simple process.. applied yesterday arvo, received midday today. One of The small joys I can look forward to during lockdown is a good old burn up supervised with a beer.
  21. I don't want to go deeper in that as we are talking about honey price, Just a bit hehe.He talks about being in the middle of this well I believe it has not even started his article is based on 16 month. No one can say this, still we don't know much about the virus how it will mutate. He should have mentioned why the gold price is going down? Investors have to "meet margin calls in other markets, the big institutions need to sell their portfolios which are not physical gold. This is alway only happen when the stock market prepares to collapse. As. the FED lowere d the interest rate by 50 points which is the biggest I ever have seen at ones the market went up for 15 minutes and collapsed afterwords. Ther is no holding in the end there will be only some with the real big money come and buy. Bank holiday is not interest free so a lot of people will be deeper in the poo afterwards as the loan will be significantly higher so more money is needed to pay back. As there is certainly a high unemployment rate, more and more credits will blow up. New Zealand depends on a lot of imports as well. I don't believe the figures from China don't forget China is a dictatorship you have to go and work and if some die they die. India never will be able to stop this they have more than 500 million people living on the streets. If there is a vaccination it needs to be produced in unbelievable amounts from where will the ingredients come (China India) how long will it take to distribute the serum. We talk about years. I am happy if I am wrong but this what I think.
  22. Bacon is up there with coffee. Can any of your family grab a sheep , sit it on its bum , then slit its throat hang it up and skin it .? 16 months !!!! Hubby and I are already walking on different ends of the beach .
  23. No. Marinas have shut now so we’re all in this together. It’s already getting to us v’s them standoffs at The shops. (Day 5!!) a few Boaties are wreaking it for the rest by ignoring lockdown and diving, fishing and moving around the island as usual. I hope they send the navy out to control boat movement. For the first time ever I did wash the veggies.
  24. I've never been attracted by wood splitters. I have always enjoyed having a pile of blocks and a splitting hammer in the back yard, just wander out every now and then give another couple of blocks the message. August is our firewooding month. As soon as there's room in the shed, down come another few trees, usually blackwoods, this year it'll be eucs. They have two summers to dry before I use them...
  25. just remember to wash EVERYTHING. no point buying stuff you can't wash.
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