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  2. Well, SNI do fund research. We have regularly donated to Trees for Bees, Michelle's (I can't remember her surname, she worked with Mark Goodwin) PHD, and we are currently looking at AFB dogs volatiles research. Over the years we have made many donations to various projects. I do not know what ApiNZ or NZ Beekeeping put into research as I am not a member of those groups.
  3. don’t we have an AFB dog somewhere in Canterbury? Maybe it would be worthwhile to get them in, and hopefully relieve any anxiety of further bonfires.
  4. Love the fact it’s raining and need an umbrella, but swarm can wait for photo
  5. Today
  6. I'm a carpenter. Not possible to positively I.D. from a photo. Timbers exported to Oz over the last century have included rimu, matai, kahikatea, totara, beech, kauri, tawa.
  7. HI. I'm in Melb but joined this group when I started keeping bees. I recently scored a top bar hive from a local guy on Freecycle. He says it was handmade by a mate from New Zealand timber but he doesn't know what sort. I tried to post a photo but it seemed that it was too big to post so I've made it much smaller. Are there any new zealand beekeeper/woodworkers that I can consult directly?
  8. Probably the same as trying to use mudslides to control rabbit or rats The predator is unable to eat its prey fast enough at its natural niche population size. Both predator and prey are bound to coexist
  9. I read up about pseudoscorpions at one stage and my conclusion was that there was little or no chance of any control method using them on varroa working. I can't quite remember why that was now as it was some time back.
  10. That's one take on it Frazz - and yet I get constantly asked about the results of our varroa resistance research and what we've found? (funded by zero beekeepers). Asked about what nosemas we're currently seeing? (assays developed with zero funding from beekeepers). And how are the detection rates going for the new AFB work? (ditto once more). In other words, beekeepers want the research but they want the results for free. So to rephrase your point above to give the counter view "Time and time again I see beekeepers with their hand out for "research" on this that or the other . . ." I think you'll find the latest work has a grant closer to a million, to look at new ways to house the chellifers. As above, if we're funding the work then we need to commercialise it to get a return on it. If ApiNZ / SNI/ New Zealand Research for Apiculture Ltd were funding research then there would be commercial returns to them if the agreement was done correctly. The funders also get to direct the research. No pay, no say. Do we need apiculture funding to keep *our* business going? No we don't. Much of the stuff we've developed as sidelines has come about as a hobby beekeeper and a curiosity about a few things. And some of those we've developed into a commercial product for NZ and internationally. If NZ beekeepers don't want to fund research/levy/marketing then that's their prerogative. But again, talking about how there's no market available to sell your non-manuka honey on this forum is not going to solve much. But its good to hear the views and thoughts. The politics? I'll leave that one alone for now
  11. Were you privy to information that noone else had or is this hindsight ?
  12. the kiwifruit industry wanted a single desk not the government. The government dont make any industry a single desk seller.
  13. One for the day. Good Size Swarm. Filled a 10 frame box easily. Will add another box tomorrow.
  14. I imagine some would would be doing “the long way round” trips with the Parapara’s being damaged. Maybe someone has brought them closer to home because of the extra travel involved?
  15. Taranaki/Wanganui? Far to many from out of town/region and then there is the big C stuffing it for everyone on top of it all. I see another clown has just put another couple of hundred on the Wanganui city boundary. Save us!
  16. Every one wants money from the government . It’s really not a good place to look for funding because the process by which funds are directed , depends largely on how clever those are asking for them are, and the thoughts of the standing government at the time . In theory Phil , I totally agree with you, but in reality , there would need to be a paradigm shift
  17. I drove back to Palmy from Whareroa this morning. Every second ute and truck was a bee vehicle. How many beekeepers are in Taranaki???!!
  18. Agree 1000%. There was a NZ government grant for $400,000 made to a party to research psuedo-scorpions and their potential to control varroa. $400,000. That's a lot of hard work for beekeepers on something that had little or no prospect of achieving anything. It is little wonder we are sceptical. And also what happens if the researchers get onto anything good they commercialise it for the their own benefit, while others have funded the rubbish research.
  19. NZ Beekeeping did a survey of members after the No Vote to explore all the why's and wherefore's. This has been reported on in the presidents report as part of an email to members. Final report on that not yet done. I don't feel comfortable with posting any of that. Overall, I think the Levy has dropped down the priority list a little due to increases in financial stress and other problems considered more immediate. However they intend to work on a levy proposal that would be viable/feasible. As mentioned before it was not the money that was the main stumbling block at the time. The cost may actually be a bigger problem now, I don't know. However if the cost is related to honey sold/exported, rather than honey extracted, the honey stockpiled around the place wouldn't be such a sticking point in terms of cashflow.
  20. There are some big differences between the kiwifruit growers and beekeepers The government passed laws sometime back that only Zespri could export kiwifruit (Turners to Oz) In the beekeeping industry its dog eat dog, long knifes and flaming arrows Until the government mandates a single desk seller for honey it is no point comparing 2 different industry structures The first thing to sort out is the industry politics and from that will flow the research
  21. Yesterday
  22. Money and lots of it is required. In my view that expenditure should be classed as infrastructure investment and time will demonstrate this. IMO view also almost 100% of policy makers would not have a clue what is at stake given that we now have too many Bees How bad can it be they must say? Our Bee population / existence is like a gas fire. A gas fire burns as long as a gas supply is turned on. When the gas is turned off, the fire disappears. Bees are the same, they exist only as long as the Beekeeper puts time and money into them. Turn that tap off and the Bees all but disappear There are no wild ones that can take over the job or provide a resivour . This is why the task of raising research money via the tax payer is so important, the worse the situation with markets and Hive health becomes, the less able the industry is to fund the required work. Its a downward spiral that appears much further off than it really is.
  23. For me I distrust the validity of those applying for research funds. Time and time again I see people with their handout for “research” on this that or the other with nothing coming of it. I really don’t want to fund someone’s project out of our business to keep their business afloat.
  24. I do not think there will be a shift away from neonic Until they find another chemical to replace it.
  25. not something I’ve read before. Only the first step. Presumably this keeps decongesting the main cluster of brood and encourages rapid comb development?
  26. I'll quote these ones from the neonic thread over here. No, I think researchers are doing very little pushing. More of the pushing is coming from those who have no market for their no recognition, no name honey. Wishing things were different is not going to make it so. Look at the kiwifruit industry when Psa hit. What saved that? Research. Research into new cultivars. Did the research stop when the industry plummeted? No, it ramped up. No, probably timely Don. A lot of talk about how we need research - and then when the levy talk goes quiet then so does the research talk. Now may not be the time for a levy - at least in the proposed form. I hope that doesn't stop the discussion on it though
  27. There is next to zero money for a levy Trev and the situation is likely to get much worse over the next few years. The Govt know this, the Banks know this, even the Police know this. The Bees and the Beekeepers are the canaries in the Mine here.
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