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  2. https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/national/387366/manuka-honey-producer-pleads-guilty-to-adulterating-product-for-gain
  3. Thanks so much everyone for the great replies. All very helpful indeed. I’ve also just offered to put my suit on next weekend and remove as much as the rotting fruit from the vine as I can to help speed up the process a bit. I think a jar of honey when I go over to do this might help as well. Unfortunately there’s no fences between us and the neighbours deck, so nothing really to deter the flight path aspect - but I’m wondering about putting a sheet of ply up on its end close to the hive, on the neighbors side, to help them get a bit of elevation before they get to his deck? This worked for anyone?
  4. Join your local Bee club. They will sell bees at the right time.
  5. The Marlborough Beekeeping Association will be hosting a honey tasting workshop, on Thursday 25th April at the Marlborough Research Centre, 7-9pm. This will be presented by Maureen Maxwell, international honey judge. Further details on our Facebook page. All welcome.
  6. Any number of us here will help you out if you stick around and learn 😉😊
  7. Welcome @MissOlivia take @M4tt advice, stick around the forum and learn from some great bee keepers
  8. OK. Thank you, I will keep learning. If I don't buy them on Trade me where am I suppose to get them? The Facebook page nz beekeeping buy sell trade?
  9. There is nothing wrong with your gear. The next best advice you will ever hear is stay away from Trademe for bees. You are right at the beginning of an exciting journey , and you've come to the right place for help and to learn. Spend the winter learning about beekeeping so you are ready in about November for a good nuc.They are not hard to come by from good beekeepers, of whom you will find if you stick around here. We've all made mistakes . There is nothing wrong with that . Learn, and don't repeat them . I'm impressed enough that you observed and recognised something was wrong Welcome 😊
  10. If you want real beekeeping youtube , look at our very own Trevor Gillbanks series.
  11. I learned some things from YouTube. Don't worry. I was really excited and I bought a queen. But it was a mistake. Thanks for the help Thank you. I'm a bit down. I spent over $400 on gear and queen and things they'll need. I could have got myself a full setup by the looks on trademe. I'll try get a hive maybe in spring or summer maybe
  12. No need to be, you're among friends here
  13. Yes. I'm from Auckland. I'm embarrassed and want the post deleted now.
  14. It's always hard to know if someone is taking the piss or they are a genuine nubee looking for help . I err on the side of help, initially , till I know different , until I know otherwise.
  15. Ha! We’re being taken for a ride. Says Newb as location now. Hope they can’t hack us for this participating!
  16. What area are you in @MissOlivia? Your profile doesn’t say, and it would help to answer your questions...
  17. I doubt it. The timing is all out, that's all. The syrup will be attracting heaps of robbers, which can easily be mistaken for a swarm by a beginner , and swarms need requeening . It makes sense if you have learned from the wrong source.
  18. my bees fly their corridors. But because of a fence they tend to go up first which means you’re not buzzed all the time.
  19. I have been told they can't and have never seen them do it despite having plenty of grapes at home. I've seen a large vineyard where virtually every bunch was damaged by wasps but I have never seen grapes damaged by bees and I have plenty of grapes at home. The theory is that bees mouthparts are not adapted for chewing holes in things and they certainly don't have the chewing abilities of wasps and bumblebees. They chew the wax into shape and will remove staples and stuff like newspaper eventually, but they take a long time doing it. Honeybees don't chew their way into flowers like some bumblebees and I would have thought flower petals were softer than grape skins. Margaret Anne your observation is interesting and I would be fascinated to hear from anyone else who has also seen this behaviour . Was it just one variety? Are bees learning new tricks.
  20. Bees can certainly chew on a variety of substances, witness the OA staples etc, and it seems they bite other insects which are too small to sting.. https://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0047432 So why shouldn't they puncture grapes ?
  21. BEEKEEPERS' DAY OUT UPDATE: TRADE DISPLAY CONFIRMED AsureQuality Ltd, Chantel Rich, South Island Apiculture Officer, Lincoln We will continue to take reservations for attendees until the end of next week. This is a world class speaker programme, with great trade displays. The Canterbury Hub is recognised as having a good vibe at events. There is plenty of time allocated for Q&A, networking and socialising. ALL WELCOME, BUT REGISTRATION REQUIRED http://www.apinzcanterbury.org.nz/index.php
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