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  2. Forget the ute .... look at the grass !
  3. This was how we ran them at the start this time last season and later found we had cut the brood nest in half .. a small percentage of them layed past staples but majority didn’t which affected expansion of the nest. We now run a leg in every seam and alternate ends of the frames. Works for us. Always placed on outside edge of the brood, like say half on the brood and half on the pollen/stores band surrounding brood. For us that is most effective. A full box of bees gets 4, a double brood both boxes full of bees with brood gets 7 . A box of bees containing only 5 frames bees and couple small patches of brood I give 1... adding more as they expand up to a max of 4 in one box. Always wiping excess liquid off before placing. This works for us on our sites. We have done a full year ox staples only. First time we used them we lost bees but so far things appear fine this season. They MUST be with the brood and don’t appear anywhere near as effective if brood is away in the corner of the box post winter.
  4. You should see what I used to chuck in the old one . Should have gone on a deck . There are very few non sealed roads around here . I’m struggling to think of any
  5. Today
  6. Thanks Matt, i haven't really spent the time reading all the staple information so it's good to get some advice, give me another season and I'll hopefully have a better understanding. LOL, 2 days ago I just got out of a yard at around 3 pm just as it started raining, and decided I'm not getting wet doing another yard and headed for home. Then on the way drove past the site of a large commercial. By this time it was hosing down, and there were 2 bedraggled looking beekeepers in full white suits working the yard, must have been horribly miserable for them. At that moment i just gave quiet thanks that I am now my own boss calling my own shots, not working for someone else.
  7. If it never stops raining you'll be sorry about the old one...and you must have sealed roads....
  8. That’s what I’ve always done too . Using @Stoney‘s method , there is no loss of brood from either killing brood under staples , or forming a barrier the queen won’t lay past . I will keep a very close eye on them , but at this stage with the info I have , I think they will still work . Best to have a go yourself with a few hives and see what you think
  9. Funny you say that . Its a whole heap easier working off the back of a Ute as opposed to getting stuff in and out of the back of the Pathfinder
  10. Awesome, that will simplify the way you have to work heaps. 🙂
  11. I've just been putting mine smack through the middle of the brood nest, haven't been back to check any yet, is that going to work?
  12. More than likely emergency cells resulting from the loss of the queen . Do those bees have enough honey on board ? There should be food stored around that brood
  13. Interestingly, I found a hive that I’d put staples in , incorrectly , a couple of weeks ago. I had in mind to follow @Stoney‘a lead and put one leg down each seam and at the end of the brood. Well , I hadn’t done that . I’d put two legs down each seam and fenced the brood in . The bees most certainly did not like it , abandoned all brood, and moved to one edge of the box and started again . Conversely, where I’d placed them properly, the bees are expanding nicely, so I’ve moved the staples further to the outside of the frames so they are just missing the edge of the brood. I’m going to run with this approach and see how it goes
  14. Hi all, Thanks for your responses and apologies for my slow response. I have attached a photo of my situation. Cheers,
  15. It’s a very long time since I had a Ute . Now I have one again . I love it
  16. I've got the same rain on my roof... I've given up going out when it is like this. No sooner do you get underway and into the hives than you have to close up and scuttle back to the vehicle, wet and uncomfortable, then the sun comes streaming in and you get through another couple of hives, then back to the wagon and so it repeats, so frustrating. I'm spending my time fixing things so I can break them again.
  17. The Irritator.... not yet Oh dear Here another hive i just sampled shok it after ten minutes Time for Apitrsz i think
  18. Nice!! Is that thing watering already? 😮
  19. Yesterday
  20. Well here’s some sun for ya we’ve shed the thermals
  21. Re that. For some years now i have been wintering in a brood box with an excluder on it and a honey box on top of that. Using staples experimentally this spring but up to now have done a traditional spring and autumn treatment using synthetic strips in the brood box only, which most of the time other than a few hiccups, has worked fine. Come spring treatment time, quite a few hives will have a lot of bees in the top box, away from the treatment. However in my view the reason the treatment works anyway, is because although there will obviously be mites on the bees in the top box, the ultimate goal of all those mites is to get down into the brood area and breed. So one way or another they all head down there, where the treatment can get them. That's how i see things anyway. This spring though, I am doing quite a few hives with Phils staples, again, bottom box only. So far, the hives have been stronger than normal with a lot of bees in the second box. So what will be interesting is the effect of the staples. I'm thinking the OA could have a repellant effect and make those mites in the top box, less likely to go down into the brood area. Might not have that effect either, but i don't know. So for now, I'm running with that system, and only time will tell how good it's worked. Will know in February i guess. 🙂 Agreed it's been lousy, and for more than a month also. Even at this early stage of the season, I am behind schedule, just can't get out and do the number of hives i should be doing. 🤔 Even now, i am sitting at my computer idling away time, and listening to pounding rain on the roof. 😳
  22. The rain records show we've had rain every day this month and that we're almost at double the historical August monthly average. A great swarm prevention tool.
  23. We have had a lot of typical cold, showery and windy weather. Not a lot of rain but not many nice days either.
  24. why do you think that is. ? we have had a lot of nasty wet west/souwest lately. i thought that meant dry sunny weather for your area on NZ.
  25. Finished my spring round yesterday. Total losses just under 5% made up of 50% queenless 25% robbed out in autumn 15% drone layer 10% wasps . Still only treating twice a year and losses to varoa over winter were zero. One or two mites seen on some early drone brood but no PMS or deformed wings. Hives generally in reasonable order but a bit backwards. The flowering season here is at least one week behind normal. Feed consumption over winter was mostly normal or below normal with only a couple of hungrier sites.
  26. This was an issue for us also, we used to winter them as a single ,excluder and top feeder, but evolved into a 2nd 3/4 for stores.. as winters have been so mild recently they were very large populations of bees ... and mites.. thinking the single may be the way forward - no escaping the treatment. We didn’t place staples in the top in autumn as the box was 100% feed.
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