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  2. if you end up stuck in wellington on the way back down south then shout out - if you want the luxury of a couch, a shower, and a box of speights that is edit: and stovetop or filter coffee if that's to your taste, our fancy coffee machine went walkabout recently, so none of that on tap unless i walk down the road a hundred metres
  3. We ‘aint all on the pension Bro!! No power either....
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  5. Where ever conference is held it’s not going to be cheap for some to get there. i would certainly like to see it in the South Island again . it will be a great conference I’m sure and I’m very glad I’m not having to organise it !
  6. In what way is TPO too small? We host some seriously large events here Yes thats not something I didnt consider. We drive to Rotorua to get a plane down south
  7. Thats what happens when you dont take Honey off big healthy Hives. However it was only May and might be a bit different now.
  8. Certainly a big population for middle of winter! They are even building queen cells.
  9. You probably know more than half of them there, as much as another quarter, not quite as much as an eighth, and the rest are just after your money.
  10. I'm starting to feel better and better about not bothering to go. 😉
  11. If you cant stop the wasps, move the hive somewhere else, have had to move some yards sometimes in the past because wasps so bad. Rule number 1, look after the hive.
  12. yes chris there are lots of places that can run field day type of exhibitions, and like you I have been to many of them over the years, but not many can seat 800-1000 people in an auditorium where you can here speakers clearly for three days at a time. and not have to drive through city rush hour traffic from accommodation etc etc. Yes this can all change and that would change the venues needed, but it wont be based on the number of hives, it'l be based on the number of beekeepers.400,000 beekeepers who own 1 hive each and we will really be struggling to find a venue for them. Agree, CHCH yes for the south, Taupo too small, Hamilton can have issues with planes landing with fog, Rotorua not bad for the north.
  13. Another newby question, we had our first honey tests back from Hills, and they've detected around 140 fungal spores from the sample provided. Is this normal?
  14. Quick update - the lady's are still fighting back so we're on 'wait and see' while we protect the hive as best we can. Thanks for all the advise
  15. There are lots of bee meetings now it seems - of different sizes. The fact is that the ApiNZ conference now has about 1000 people at it. With the requirement for multiple seminar rooms (of varying sizes), exhibitor space (near the presentation rooms to get people through), poster space etc. Come along to the conference @ChrisM and then see if you can think of other venues to accommodate all the different facets of this meeting. I say this as both a presenter and a trade exhibitor at this year's meeting. . . the Rotorua venue really is very good. A few years ago it was at the Whanganui racecourse. It was small, cramped and I would not go back as an exhibitor. One of the common issues is that attendees never give to much consideration to the trade exhibitors and their requirements. They pay far more money than attendees do and if you're complaining about conference costs then check out what they'd cost *without* the exhibitors sponsorship. I used to help run a meeting in Taupo. Was difficult for South Island as flights were difficult. I believe they're even more limited now ?
  16. Last week
  17. I was wondering that myself . If the country gets down to 400000 hives and the corresponding number of beeks , surely conferences would get smaller .
  18. A geographical compromise is required and thats probably one of the reasons for Vegas. Auckland while having a lot of Beeks would disadvantage a significant number of other Beeks. The best options IMO are the center of the South and North Islands
  19. Dennis, ok fair enough this as they say 'is your party'. Over time, people will vote with their wallets and it will sort itself out. Meanwhile, I've had pleasure to attend a large conference like this held at the University of Auckland where they have space, for commercial booths and large lecture theatres available out of term time and I've also seen the Ellerslie Racecourse used for both small events (school balls) and also some quite large events where they have indoor/outdoor space and catering. There is the ASB (Easter Show) showgrounds where you need less than half, there is Alexandra Park, then there is North Harbour Stadium. According to the news, all around NZ there are Racecourses struggling to make ends meet and faced with closure. I have been to one non-rugby event at Eden Park a few years ago and the catering was great. The Ellerslie Flower Show and Auckland Boat Show are both held in NZ and are bigger than the conference. There is the ILT Stadium in Invercargill which has a roof and the footy is soon to be finished. Nearer to home the AIMS games have used the ASB Stadium for opening ceremonies, car park is huge and Baypark itself is adjacent if you really need more outside display space. How about hosing it down and then doing some time trials in bee trucks? I completely agree any of these venues would not be the same, and you would have to use your imagination, but in these trying times we all need to be flexible. And it might be good if they aren't all the same, Forrest's mother said life is like a box of chocolates.
  20. Mine came with about 15 plastic eye droppers. I got mine from ebay. Cheaper than AliExpress! In fact @Alastair... less than $1.50 for 20. NZ$ 1.19 31% Off | 20PCS Practical 3ml Transparent Pipettes Disposable safe Plastic Eye Dropper Transfer Graduated Pipettes Educational Supplies https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/bSKsHM3q
  21. They are definitely bees as the hive is waxy and it looks like there is honey seeping through the wall that they're in. Thank you for your feedback everyone, I'll try to get a good photo when I go back for work tomorrow.
  22. But kudos for thinking good thoughts and asking. This time of year it's a very big ask doing a cut out/salvage with any hope of success, and the bigger the colony the more the mess. I passed through of Murupara a couple of weeks ago, noted a bit of work going on. And I even noticed work going on in Kaiangaroa Village !
  23. If they are in the way or being a nuisance, just kill them and move on. soapy water will do the trick. the loss of this colony will not upset the bee population in NZ or the world.
  24. Any possibility of a photo? Does the outside of the colony look like paper mache, or like 30mm layers of hexagonal wax and bees? Trying to establish if they are bees or wasps.
  25. Hey Friends, I'm not a part of the beekeeping community, however, I would like to reach out for some info on how to help protect our little winged friends. I'm currently working on a demolition site in Murupara, and during asbestos removal we came across an active hive within one of the walls, it's about 600mm x 1600mm in size. I am wondering if there is any way that we could relocate their home before the building it's in is demolished this week. Any info would be appreciated. Bentley
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